General shareholders meetings

The shareholders' right to decide on the company's affairs is exercised at the Annual General Meeting. The Annual General Meeting shall be held within six months from the end of the financial year and is normally held at the beginning of May. The AGM addresses a number of key issues, such as approving the company's income statement and balance sheet for the past year, dividends, election of the board and auditor, discharge from liability for the board, remuneration to the board and auditor, etc.

Annual General Meeting 2021
The Annual General Meeting of OncoZenge was held on May 25, 2021. In order to reduce the spread of the virus causing COVID-19, the Annual General Meeting was held without physical presence of shareholders, proxies and/or external parties. The shareholders was given the opportunity to vote by mail prior to the Annual General Meeting.

Minutes (only available in Swedish)
Notice of AGM (only available in Swedish)
Notice of attendance and form of mail voting (only available in Swedish)
Power of attorney (only available in Swedish)
Annual report 2020 (only available in Swedish)