About BupiZenge®

Bupizenge® is novel lozenge formulation of bupivacaine intended for treatment of pain in the oral cavity. The first indication is treatment of pain caused by oral mucositis but it has also potential for treatment of other painful oral conditions.

Phase 2 has been successfully completed, demonstrating superior results versus standard of care.

Oral mucositis is a large and underserved medical problem with severe implications:

  • causes inflammation and ulceration of the mouth and pharynx (throat)
  • the most painful and debilitating side effect of chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  • may cause interruption of chemotherapy
  • significant impact on quality of life – severe pain, difficulties to eat, drink, swallow and communicate

There is no preventive or curative treatment today. Treatments focus on alleviating the pain or manage risk for infections and other consequences of mucositis.

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